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Let's Succeed!

This is MY YEAR! Come along with me as I strive to live life more naturally. I want to treat my body the way it deserves. No more treating it like trash. 

My Personal Goals to Feel Successful

Over the past year I have been working very hard at becoming financially stable. It has been hard work and is still a work in progress. I will continue that work, but this year I am focusing on my health and wellness. After all, why have a comfortable financial life, if you are not going to be around to benefit from it. 

The picture on the left is my favorite picture of myself. I felt so health and happy. I was eating right and taking care of myself. My husband was benefiting from the life-style we were leading and we were happy.

Life sometimes throws you curve-balls. We fall behind on our goals. But that doesn't mean we have to give up. I have learned so much and I want to get back to that way of life. My goals are:

Eat whole foods; Exercise regularly; Use natural sources for wellness, listening to my body along the way.






This was me in 2012, I was so proud of myself for getting down to this weight. 

In the beginning of 2011 I was undergoing a series of fertility treatment in hopes of giving my baby girl a sibling. I did everything I could to eat well and beat PCOS. I switched to eating more whole foods and gave up eating anything that had more than 5 ingredients in it. 

I was able to lose 20 pounds before getting pregnant via Insemination and Injections. During the pregnancy, I managed to lose another 30 pounds. I went from 259 down to 205 by the time my baby was three months old. 

Then all heck broke loose. My husband lost his job and I was forced to work my butt off to keep a roof over our head. This lead me to overeating. Returning to eating sugar and chips and anything I could get my hands on. It led me to looking like the picture on the right. 

This is me recently. I have gained nearly 70 pounds from the picture to the left.

I will say that I KNOW, what it is that I need to do. I know the right foods for me. It is not lack of knowing what to do, that keeps me this way. It is pure lifestyle, stress, lack of ambition.

I spent the 6 months tackling my financial issue. My husband has gotten a wonderful job and I am a stay at home mom. I now have the ability to focus on getting healthy. To eat what I should eat. Live how I should live.

I welcome you along on the journey I face ahead of me. Come along while I live a life-style the way that God intended. We were meant to heat whole foods. To use plants and herbs, essential oils and water to heal us. 

I am not a person to ignore what the Doctor tells us, but I am a person who researches and puts into practice what I feel is right. I have been on medication for PCOS, for years. It makes me sicker than sick and never fixes the problem. When I started to eat the way I did, while trying to get pregnant, the PCOS issues went away.

I am going back to that way of living. I am using the information my doctor gave me about the deficiencies in my blood. I am researching natural elements that help combat those deficiencies. Supplements, food choices, essential oils, all of these are changing my world. Already in a few weeks, I have more energy. I am happier and feel able to take on the world.

This website is meant to show you my journey. To teach you what I have learned. I hope it helps you as much as it is helping me.

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