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Menu Planning

 One of the biggest reasons for our money troubles, resulted from our addiction to eating out. We used to eat out about five times a week, that did not include us going out for lunch while at work. I would still go grocery shopping, spending $100 or more a week, but the food would just sit there, spoiling until we threw it out. One month I tracked that we spent nearly $1000 on eating out and another $500 on groceries. No wonder why we were never able to pay the rent or other bills. 

Above and beyond that, we were eating so many calories. Foods that were killing us with every bite. My starting to menu plan, I have been able to keep our eating out to a minimum. 

I love food. I love how my German Grandmother cooked, with all the meat and potatoes. I loved the Italian influence that my Step-Dad brought into the family. I am on a mission to take all of those recipes and make them healthier. To eat whole foods or foods that are as close to natural as possible. 

This page will list my current menu for the week. I will include recipes as well as adding in a few cost savings measures. The menu below isn't necessarily on point, but as time goes on all of the recipes will be adapted and made healthier.


Menu Plan For This Week


It has been tough lately. We are in the process of starting a new business and as most people know, that is expensive. Despite our best efforts to raise funds for the venture, we aren't having much luck. So we are looking for money in any place we can find it. Currently it is the grocery budget. We have gone back to basics, without any frilly recipes. Just fruit, vegetables, meat and a side. 

We are utilizing Costco in a big way. Every two weeks I buy two bags of frozen individually wrapped chicken breast. I also buy one bag of frozen low fat ground beef, that has 5 one pound rolls. Throw in a full pork loin that I cut up for chops and we are completely set for meat. I also buy three or four bags of frozen vegetables. Throw in a bag of rice, potatoes and pasta and I am able to cook basic meals. Here is our basic menu:

Meal One:

Pork chops, fried potatoes, okra and brocolli

Baked Maple Garlic Chicken, rice and mixed vegetables.

Spaghetti (I make my own sauce and add in ground beef or home-made meat balls)

Chicken stir-fry with rice

Hamburger minestrone or Chili

Meatloaf or stuffed peppers with baked potatoes and vegetables

That is basically it. We have left overs or salami sandwiches and fruit for lunch.

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